EUA Approved Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: Buda-U
Certification: FDA Listed, EUA Authorized
Model Number: BU-E978-33
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20K
Packaging Details: 1 Pcs Single Pack 40 Pcs/Box
Delivery Time: TBA
Payment Terms: T/T, EXW,FOB
Supply Ability: 200K Pcs Per Day
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Product Name: Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask
Color: White
Material: Total 5 Layers : PP Non Woven X 2 Layers + Hot Air Cotton X 1 Layer + Meltblown Fabric X 2 Layers
Function: Respiratory Protection
Style: 5 Layers
Type: Folding Protective Mask
Feature: KN95 Protection Level
Standard: China Standard: GB2626-2019
Size: Average Code
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KN95 Respirator Mask EUA Approved


KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers


KN95 Disposable Respirator Mask

Product Description

EUA Approved Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers


Key Specifications

Product Name

kn95 respirator mask,kn95 mask factory,kn95 best mask for covid,eua approved kn95 masks


Meltblown Fabric, Non Woven Fabric, Hot Air Cotton


White Color


Fitting Size , Elastic Earloops


1 Pcs Individual Package , 40 Pcs/Box;1200 Pcs/Carton

Packing Language

English ,High Quality Packing Box with Internal and External Cover.


GB2626-2019 (New Standard Applied for All Packings of New Orders)


FDA, EUA Authorized 


20K pcs

Payment Term

TT, FOB Shenzhen/Guangzhou, 50% Deposit, 50% Balance Due Before Shipment.


Do not pull the chin, hang on the arm
When some people wear masks, they will pull the mask to the chin, exposing the mouth and nose. This not only loses the protection of the mouth and nose, but also contaminates the inner layer of the mask. When the mask is put on again, it will increase the risk of contracting the virus. Some people put the mask on their arms after taking off the mask, which is also not advisable. During physical activity, the mask may come into contact with virus-contaminated items, and the inner layer of the mask is also easily contaminated with dust and bacteria, which is more likely to be infected when re-wearing.
Do not touch the outside of the mask
Masks can block droplets, and if you touch the outside of the mask with your hands, your hands may be contaminated by the outside of the mask. If you touch your nose and eyes with unclean hands, the virus will enter the human body unknowingly. When taking off the mask, it should be taken off by the lanyard, and discarded in the air. Try to avoid the mask from touching any part of the body.


Packing Specifications:

Single pack, 40pcs / Box

30 Boxes / Carton , 1200pcs /Carton



Competitive Advantage:


EUA Approved Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers 0      EUA Approved Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers 1

     ≥95% Filtration efficiency against Non-Oil Particulates Fabric;    Meeting All Requirements of CHINA Standard : GB2626-2019;


EUA Approved Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers 2      EUA Approved Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers 3

10 Pcs Pack also Available for Your Choice ,   High Quality Packing Box with Double Cover;  

       EUA Approved Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers 4

Specially Designed Shape and Ultra-Comfort Materials,  Elastic and Firm Earloops


    EUA Approved Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers 5      EUA Approved Disposable KN95 Respirator Mask 5 Layers 6



Certifications and Qualifications:


Buda-U FDA EUA Authorization

FDA EUA Authorization

In China CCCMHPIE White List

In China CCCMHPIE White List


fda approved kn95 masks

FDA eua list for kn95



Frequently Asked Questions :




Are kn95 masks reusable ?




For an KN95, we'd recommend you switch [the mask] every day.But, you can rotate them. If you have three masks, [for example], you could number them and switch them around.


Because masks deteriorate at different rates, it’s a good idea to regularly check a mask’s fit and function before you use it. Look for signs of stretched-out straps, stains, soiling, or fraying of the mask—all of which compromise its ability to filter out Covid-19.


The longer and more frequently you wear an KN95 mask, the more contaminated it can become, and the sooner it will need to be replaced. A front-line worker wearing an KN95 mask for a day-long shift may find their mask is compromised after one use, while someone dining with a mask or wearing one for a trip to the grocery store may find they can get multiple uses out of it.


If you're rotating your masks, washing your hands and storing them well, you can get five to a little bit more uses with them.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using KN95 respirators for no more than five uses, noting that each time an KN95 is removed and put back on, it weakens and stretches the masks’ straps. Per CDC guidance, health care workers should not reuse respirators.


Both N95 and KN95 masks can’t be reused forever, so you’ll have to know when it’s time to toss it. There is no hard-and-fast deadline—the masks’ effectiveness declines over time—but experts say if the mask is visibly dirty or damaged, stained, or gets damp, it’s time to let it go.

Any time someone comes in close contact with an individual infected with Covid-19, they should opt for a new N95 or KN95 face mask.


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